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Reliable Best Quality Moving Boxes & Packaging Material

Are you looking around for moving boxes or other items for your new move? Don’t worry We Wrap and Move”  do care about your valuables and trust us you and your goods are equally important to us. This is why we provide you with complete packaging kit options. We are here to provide you with a complete set of services. We provide you with the finest packaging materials and deliver these items before moving. You can use your packaging materials or grant us the privilege of arranging the required materials for you. Nobody wants to pack valuables in an unsatisfactory way in unsatisfactory material that’s the reason we provide you with the reliable best quality moving boxes and other packaging material.


We Make It Faster

We Make It Faster

At Wrap and Move, you get the Fast and Easy moving services for residential and commercial customers.

On Time Delivery

On Time Delivery

At Wrap and Move, get timely performance as we are the most reputable movers companies in Toronto, Ontario and Canada..

Full Insured Move

Full Insured Move

Our experts make your move safe and secure as we do care for you and your valuables.

Available 7 Days a Week

Available 7 Days a Week

Available 7 Days a Week You can count on us to help you make your life a little bit easier, as we operate from Monday to Sunday.

  • 47(H) x 54(W) x 26(D) Cms
  • Packing fragile items.
  • Storing valuable items
  • Hauling heavy items
BUBBLE WRAP - 0.48M X 10 M
  • 0.48 x 10 m
  • Perfect for packing small items as an isulator against impacts(glassware, vases etc)
  • 51 x 51 x 51 Cms
  • Carrying multiple items
  • (kichenware, clothes, glass ware and more).
  • 1 m x 10 m
  • Excellent insulator against impacts
  • Lightweight
  • Best for packing bigger items (paintings, vases etc)
  • 50 Metres x 48 mm
  • Used to fix boxes and other items during relocation.
  • 45 Cms x 450 M - Transparent
  • We appropriately wrap furniture, matresses and other household items to avoid any damage or dust on the go
  • An ideal way to wrap small and large objects securely.
  • Fits a 48mm packaging tape
  • Fixing boxes and other items with it ,able to cut tape quickly and efficiently
  • Save time and avoid tape wastage
30000 +
20000 +
5721 +
3721 +


At the time of booking our team will try to figure out the size and quantity of your goods and accordingly suggest you the vehicle required. You can call our expert or provide us item details through mail so that our staff can assist you. It is important that you give us an accurate list of goods at the time of booking , so as to avoid multiple trips on the day to move your goods which may cost you more eventually.

At BMR we not only are skilled to move your things locally but we are additionally a top of the line an experienced interstate moving company. Connect with our polite and experienced moving experts to go ahead with your long distance move.

As you know that each move is unique and different from each other. This really depends on the distance and amount of goods you are moving. Some simple things are also considerable like where we can park the truck or are there any stairs; these things can add an extra time in loading etc.

The below is what on an average a job takes. But that is just a rough estimate and it will depend on the circumstances on the day

  • 2T and 4T truck takes anywhere between 2-4 hours.
  • 8T Truck average is generally between 4-6 hours.
  • 10T Truck can range anywhere between 6-8 hours.

We own all of our vehicles, however due to peak season and weekend bookings, we suggest you to remain on the safer side by booking couple of days prior to the move.

Long Distance Moving Company In Kitchener

There are some useful moving tips and suggestions for having a less stressful move

     We know how stressful it is to take a new step, whether for the first time or repeatedly, this is the reason why we have created this guide        for you. These may be helpful for you, have a look below:

  1. Prepare and Plan your Move:  Before doing anything always start with by preparing yourself for a move and plan things in advanced this will help you in seamless moving day.
  2. Create a Timeline and Schedule: Moving is very complicated, and you have to take many steps. To help you keep your progress, we created this moving schedule and timetable, which contains tasks you need to complete each week to ensure that the truck is ready when it arrives.
  3. Start Packing Early– It is highly recommended to start packing your stuff a few weeks before moving. For large houses, there are about five to seven weeks, and for smaller houses, three to four weeks are more than sufficient time for hassle-free moving day. 
  4. Select Packaging Materials– Always select high-quality and reliable packaging materials. You can buy packaging materials on your own or get them from the best professional movers from whom you are taking moving service.
  5. Start With a Room You Don’t Use Very Often– If you are moving from a big house or there are more floor in your house, you should start packing up things from the room on the top floor first and then move to the bottom floor. Regular items that you are not currently using can be packed before handling everything.
  6. Stuff You Don’t Want To Move– There is some stuff which you don’t want to move. you can give away your stuff to the person who can use it happily or You can find someone nearby if they need something you plan to sell or find an auction site; there are many options available.
  7. Roll the Clothes – Another viable suggestion is that the best way to store clothes is to roll them. Rolling reduces the space occupied, and you can put a lot of clothes in a box.
  8. Store all your valuables in one place-There is no need to say but is a worth mentioning point, pack all your valuable stuff in one place and list the goals point by point to ensure you don’t ignore or lose any items.
  9. Label your boxes-Write down the room name of each box, and write text on the side instead of on the top of the box, so that it will be easier to remember them when they are piled together.
  10. Put down the boxes with basic items-One of the most important moving tip that you should always put important and basic items boxes aside that is needed immediately after the move.

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Long Distance Moving Company In Kitchener
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